The Day Trading Menu

Free Beast Mode Trading Watchlist drop. Below is the trading menu for Today. Every Stock listed has a Win Rate of 60% or better. The win rate is based on pass performance and obviously doesn’t predict future performance. This is not financial advice and any risk is 100% your own. $AI Tech 60% Win Rate […]


How to get rid of Ich in your Saltwater Aquarium

This is my process for totally and permanently getting rid of Ich. 1. You’re going to need two more tanks in addition to your display Tank. I know, sounds like a lot to deal with but hear me out. Fish and Coral costs hundreds of dollars tossing 30 bucks into a couple Petco tanks is […]


Motivation |It doesn’t matter what other people think

It doesn’t matter what other people think about you. It all matters what you think about you think about yourself. How you see yourself is the only thing that should concern you Work everyday to achieve the magnificent person that the future you are becoming. Avoid any negativity and cast any doubt that may creep […]